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The 5 Things Good Tenants Look For In Ocala Rental Properties

The 5 Things Good Tenants Look For in Ocala Rental Properties

When you’re looking to invest in real estate that you plan to lease to tenants, you naturally search for properties that will appeal to your prospective tenants. And, although no two tenants may want the exact same thing out of Ocala rental properties, tenants in general appreciate the following five items.

Location, Location, Location for Ocala Rental Properties

Tenants appreciate living in properties in good neighborhoods—those that are safe and enjoyable places to live. They seek out rental properties that are close to their jobs, their children’s schools, and near major roads like I-75. Potential tenants want nearby grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues for time-saving convenience. Ocala rental properties are great for those reasons, among others, and it is a place where people can have an excellent quality of life.

Amenities Also Matter, Because Comfort Matters

According to a 2017 survey, 92% of people across the country wouldn’t rent a place that didn’t have air conditioning; in Florida, it wouldn’t be surprising if that number was close to 100%. Although this may be the most obvious of the deal breakers, it isn’t the only one. Out of more than 270,000 people surveyed:

  • 86% wouldn’t rent a place that didn’t have a dishwasher
  • 77% wouldn’t rent if there wasn’t a washer and dryer
  • 63% wouldn’t rent where they couldn’t have high speed internet

In short, amenities matter!

Find Property Management in Ocala, Florida You Can Count On

Ease of Deliveries

This may not be as obvious as the first two but internet shopping makes package delivery a part of daily life for many people. In fact, it’s expected that more 100 billion packages will be delivered globally in 2020 alone.

If the homes you lease are single dwellings, there won’t be much for you to address. But, if you own multi-dwelling rental properties, making package delivery a seamless experience can be a real bonus.

Pet-Friendly Places

Plenty of renters own pets. In fact, some statistics show the number to be around 70%. So, although this doesn’t mean you must allow pets to successfully attract tenants, the number of people interested in your properties will shrink if you don’t. Interestingly enough, dog and cat owners in the United States, overall, earn more than those who don’t have these pets.

“There’s always a shortage of pet-friendly Ocala rental properties. The demand in Marion county for pet friendly rentals far outstrips the area’s supply. People sometimes find themselves having to give up their pets in order to find a good place to call home, which is a sad thing to see” says Clay Lehman of Resolute Property Management in Ocala. If you’re an Ocala property investor looking to buy properties that are in demand, you might consider a pet-friendly policy.

A Good Landlord (Property Management)

There can be an amenity-filled rental property in a great location but, if the dwelling isn’t well maintained, property management appears not to be tenant friendly, and renter concerns aren’t properly and promptly addressed, this property will quickly lose its appeal. Word gets around quickly about which properties and landlords are good and which to avoid.

Ocala Property Management You Can Trust

As an Ocala rental property owner, it may be challenging to address all of this yourself—and that’s where a professional property manager comes in. In fact, a quality Ocala property management company will go far beyond that. At Resolute, we market rental properties; screen renters; take the new tenant through an orientation process; and handle deposits in compliance with laws.

We collect rent, address property management issues, coordinate repairs, provide full financial accountability, encourage renewals—and, if someone doesn’t renew, perform move-out inspections.

For the best property management in Ocala, contact us online or call 352-414-5292 today. We’re ready to help you get started on the path to profitability and long-term success.

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