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rent collection

Rent Collection

Collecting rent can often be the most stressful and challenging part of owning a rental property. That’s why Resolute Property Management has stress-free rent collection services that encourage tenants to pay on time and, in the unlikely event that they don’t, an efficient and systemized process for retrieving delinquent payments.

Stress-free rent collection services

Self-managing homeowners have a lot on their plates — and that’s just when things are going smoothly. Over a decade of experience in Ocala property management has taught us a fair approach to protecting the landlord’s rights, which we do to the fullest extent of the law, as well as encouraging tenants to uphold their legal obligations. From the moment tenants sign on with us, we make sure they are educated about everything in our lease — including when rent is due. We manage expectations from day one to ensure no landlord has to stress about getting a rent check.

Electronic rent collection

If it’s convenient to pay rent, tenants are far more likely to do so consistently and in a timely fashion. During their tenant orientation, we guide them through our online portal and smartphone application, either of which they can set up to automatically pay their rent via bank account transfer or credit card. Tenants who prefer to pay in cash can do so through “PayNearMe,” available at any CVS pharmacy. Traditional rent checks are also accepted through the mail or in-person at our offices.

Every landlord’s dream is a tenant who pays on time each and every month, and our job is to do everything possible to make sure that dream comes true. Our rent collection services include easy options such as electronic rent collection or paying at the nearest CVS Pharmacy to make it easy for your tenants to pay on time each month.

Easy payment options for tenants, and our fast recourse process to collect any late payments ensure you continue to collect value out of your investment. Here are four reasons why Marion County homeowners are choosing RPM.

Proactive late rent collection services

Protecting the rights and investments of homeowners is an active effort that includes rent collection. Once rent is due, tenants are given a five-day grace period to submit their payment. On the final day of the grace window, we begin to reach out to the tenant through phone calls, emails and text messages with the intent of collecting rent before taking further action. On the sixth day, a three-day notice is placed on the tenant’s door and documented for the homeowner’s protection. The three-day notice is the first step in the eviction process. This lets the tenant know we are serious and encourages them to pay their rent immediately.

Professional counsel

During the time that the payment remains delinquent, daily contact through phone, text or email continues. After the three-day period, we’ll provide you with a range of options on how to proceed. We can even hire an attorney on your behalf to file the eviction and tend to any legal concerns.

Resolute’s rent collection services ensure that your investments yield returns on a timely, consistent basis and that your tenants have access to the payment options that are right for them. We’ll handle the bumps in the road so you’re free to enjoy the ride.

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