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Working with a property manager doesn’t mean giving up control over your investment — you make the decisions, we’ll provide you with all the information.

Our walkthroughs catch maintenance and tenant issues before they can snowball, and our homeowner’s portal puts every detail of the inspection at your fingertips.

Keep tabs on your investment, without disturbing your tenants

Resolute conducts regular walkthroughs throughout the year on behalf of our homeowners. During each walkthrough, the state of your property is thoroughly documented with photographs and descriptions, which are accessible at any time through the homeowner’s portal, providing you with transparency and peace of mind.

Initial walkthrough

The pre-move-in walkthrough goes far deeper than cosmetic damage: Resolute’s property managers turn on all appliances, check faucets, lighting and more to anticipate issues before the tenant has a chance to encounter them. Our proactive approach saves you maintenance costs by taking care of issues before tenants move in, which also improves their experience.

Midterm walkthrough

At the lease’s halfway point, typically six months after move-in, we conduct another walkthrough to ensure that your tenants are complying with the terms of their lease. This includes verifying the number of occupants, whether they’re adhering to smoking and pet policies, and provides tenants with the opportunity to inform us of any maintenance that might need to occur.

Although relatively small problems, such as a dripping sink, might be easy for a tenant to ignore, those issues build up over time, increasing repair costs and the likelihood of turnover. Our six-month check-in helps put an end to those problems before they get out of hand for you and your tenants.

End-of-lease walkthrough

As part of the renewal process, we’ll reach out to you to see if you’d like to continue leasing to the existing tenant. If you do, we’ll let the tenant know what the new lease terms are, and that a renewal is contingent on a successful walkthrough. This prevents us from renewing a bad tenant year after year.

The end-of-lease walkthrough also provides homeowners with the opportunity to reevaluate any improvements that they were considering. You can easily reference and compare previous walkthroughs through the homeowner’s portal to assess the condition of all aspects of your property and get ahead of maintenance issues before they begin impacting your investment.

Our meticulous walkthrough process lets you monitor the condition of your property and take action without having to step foot through the door.

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