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How everything started

Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” And so it was with the founding of Ocala’s best property management company.

When the real estate crash of 2008 hit, Clay Lehman — at the time, a CPA and director of real estate with a large mortgage company — found himself asking whether he should find another job in the industry or try to create his own. New mortgages were fewer and farther between at the time, so after years in the real estate industry in various capacities, Lehman decided to launch a central Florida property management company, still recognizing the area as one that is ripe with opportunity.

Lehman had started off as an accountant in real estate and over the years, found himself itching to get out from behind the desk and more into the field, where he could dig into complex, people-centric problems. What was going on with the project management process? What was the business development process? What were property owners asking for? Loving the Marion County area and the unique challenges the field offered, he found himself drawn to central Florida property management.

Resolute looks at property management from all angles to ensure that its customers’ properties are creating value

With property management, unlike straightforward real estate sales, more complex variables are required for success. Beyond finding a buyer and selling a property, what must an owner do in order to maximize rent? What is the tenant pre-screening process like? How are on-site problems handled? How is rent collected when an owner is not on site? While many people outside the real estate business may lump property management as a real estate service, it’s a much more nuanced process. But its natural space within real estate, solving complex financial questions that extended beyond buying and selling homes, created an opportunity that Lehman seized upon in the Ocala property management market.

Resolute Property Management has streamlined all the services necessary to make owning and managing properties profitable and hassle free for investors looking to buy in the Ocala and Marion County area and beyond. With a company grounded both in accounting and real estate, Resolute looks at property management from all angles to ensure that its customers’ properties are creating value for them while also offering fantastic options for renters in the local area.

This includes:

If you are looking for a partner that can handle your central Florida property management needs, choose Resolute.

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