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Lease management that looks after you and your investment

Work with a property management partner that covers every possible
contingency, starting from day one.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the legal component of the tenant-landlord relationship. If things go awry with a tenant, do you really know you’re safe in a court of law? Leaving nothing up to interpretation with your property lease management will ensure that your investment — and you — are protected under all circumstances.

Resolute’s lease management services don’t just cover the legal aspects of the agreement.
Here are a few ways that we can help you get the most out of your rental property, without all
the risk and hassle of managing lease agreements on your own.

1. Thorough tenant orientation

Resolute isn’t just a lease management company, and as such, our efforts encompass the lease contract, rent collection and much more. After a tenant passes our screening process, we’ll provide an orientation to begin the relationship on a positive note and explain the lease as well as the unique nuances of your home.

The orientation ensures that tenants are informed about when rent is to be paid, how to do so, maintenance expectations, how to report issues, what happens if their rent goes unpaid and much more — all while making them feel valued, which encourages them to honor their lease in a timely manner. We’ll even arrange a welcome basket to make their first few days more comfortable and to let them know that we appreciate them.

2. All-inclusive lease agreement

From maintenance to parking to unauthorized guests and pets, there are countless considerations that go into property lease management. And, with over a decade of experience, we’ve examined every contingency to create a comprehensive agreement that safeguards you and your investment. Our lease simplifies things for homeowners without sacrificing coverage or convenience.

3. Legal protection

Online resources can be a wonderful tool to have, but without the proper legal vetting, those resources may not cover all aspects of the agreement you’re entering into with a tenant, sufficiently spell out your recourse options or protect you in a legal dispute. That’s why our lease was drawn up and is constantly being improved by our attorneys to provide comprehensive protection to homeowners and clearly communicate to tenants what’s expected of them.

Entrusting your property lease management to Resolute provides you with peace of mind by covering all the legal aspects, ensuring your rights in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and welcoming your tenants with a thorough orientation process — all so that you can enjoy the returns your investment brings without the stress.


What People Are Saying About Us


“I've been with Resolute for several years managing our property and have been extremely happy with all aspects. They are very thorough in evaluating prospective tenants, and very responsive to our tenant's needs as well. From marketing the property to evaluating lease considerations to pricing the property to managing tenants, we have been impressed with the professionalism and happy with the results.”

Tom Stevens

“Resolute is fantastic to work with. They found great tenants for us in a matter of weeks, and have done a great job maintaining and managing our property. We have had the same tenants in for almost 6 years. From the top down their team is fabulous and easy to work with. I highly recommend Resolute Property Management.”

Kristin Goza


matt & tina villella

resolute clients

Nate Cox

resolute clients

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