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Investing In Silver Spring Shores Real Estate: A Savvy Decision

Investing in Silver Spring Shores Real Estate: A Savvy Decision

Are you looking for an investment where you can expect to reach cap rates of 6-7% on new construction and/or existing homes? Check out Silver Springs Shores FL!

Reasons to Invest in Silver Springs Shores Real Estate

If you’re looking for an investment where you can expect to reach cap rates of 6-7%, either on new construction or existing homes—or both—then Silver Springs Shores can be the neighborhood for you.

This cozy community with a population of under 10,000 is located on the outskirts of Ocala, a reasonable drive from Orlando and Tampa. This area surged with new builds in the mid-2000s, and these homes can be ideal as a minimal fixer-upper that you can hold and rent. Or you may decide to fix-n-flip. Right now, these homes are averaging in the $150,000s for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, with rents on updated properties ranging from $1,350 to $1,450.

Plus, if you’re got your eye on investing in brand new rental properties, there are plenty of affordable, buildable lots that can offer a nice return on investment.

Benefits of investing in Silver Springs Shores real estate, then, include:

  • Affordable prices, which translates into low mortgages
  • Decent cash flow on investments
  • Plenty of options and opportunities

Perfectly Positioned for Renting

We share plenty of reasons why this community is ideal for rental properties on our Silver Springs Shores investment page and here are some highlights.

  1. Ocala’s economic base includes multiple major distribution centers, which often perform well even when the overall economy is less than stellar. There is also a number of companies in these industries: trucking, transportation, and parts-related ones.
  2. Incomes earned by employees in many of these jobs often make renting attractive to them.
  3. Highway access can seamlessly take Silver Springs Shores’ residents to their jobs.
  4. The Southwest 49th Avenue project, which will smooth out commuters’ drives on CR 484 and I-75, is entering its third construction phrase. This will make it even easier for people living in the outskirts of Ocala to get to and from work.

When you invest in Silver Springs Shores properties, you’re investing in a community that’s ideal for first-time home buyers—which helps to confirm that it’s also the type of community that will attract and please renters.

This is a nice community for people who enjoy outdoor recreation, including what can be enjoyed at Silver Springs State Park, Baseline Road Trailhead State Park, Lake Weir, The Country Club at Silver Springs Shores, and more. (Remember to check out our Silver Springs Shores resource for more details.) You can promote these attractions when seeking renters.

Partner with Resolute Property Management

Our team has first-hand experience with and knowledge of the:

  • Silver Springs Shores community
  • housing market
  • housing laws and regulations

We have a heart-felt commitment towards helping our clients to:

  • earn back their investment more quickly
  • prevent extended vacancies
  • avoid unexpected expenses

We have a streamlined, highly efficient, and quite effective menu of services to help real estate investors, including:

Ready to discover more about how our Silver Springs Shores property management services can benefit you and your investment portfolio?

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