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Hot Ocala: Stats And Predictions About Population Growth

Hot Ocala: Stats and Predictions about Population Growth

As a quick look back: In 2017, the population was 354,353—and, from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, it grew by nearly 120 people every single week.

Now, a quick peek into the future: In data provided by Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership, these are population projections:

  • 2025: 400,000
  • 2040: 500,000

Here’s what interesting, as far as demographics. Millennials are moving to Ocala in large numbers:

  • Millennial population grew by 15.8% from 2012-2017:
    • This is double the US average.
    • This is among the highest for all small metro areas.

(Hold that thought about Millennials!)

So, the question might be, why? Why are so many people flocking to Ocala?

Jobs and Transportation

Numerous major corporations are headquartered here, which means that opportunities for employment are broad and diverse. Ocala is also among Florida growth leaders in three crucial areas: healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services.

FedEx, Chewy, McLane Grocery, AutoZone, and B&D Technologies have recently opened large operations in the area, and Dollar Tree revealed plans for a 1.7 million square foot facility that should provide more than 250 jobs.

Ocala’s central location along I-75 and readily available build-to-suit distribution parks makes it an ideal location for companies looking for a strategic advantage and easy access to most of the continental USA. And, the same thing making Ocala convenient for companies wanting to move goods—I-75—makes it easy and convenient for people to travel to work and pleasure.

Natural Beauty and Horses

In fact, Ocala’s rolling hills, beautiful parks and clear blue natural springs attract visitors from all over the state. It is because of Ocala’s limestone-rich soil, which is ideal to grow the grass needed to feed cattle and horses, that it has also officially become the Horse Capital of the World, with 39 champions, including Triple Crown winner, Affirmed.

Insights for People Investing in Ocala Rental Properties

It’s easy, then, to see why people are moving to Ocala in ever-growing numbers. And, it just makes sense to want to invest in properties where more and more people will be looking for a place to work and live.

So, what are other good reasons to invest in rental properties here? Consider these reasons, among others:

  • Florida is considered a landlord-friendly state.
  • There is a strong and unmet demand for affordable rentals in Ocala and the surrounding area.
  • When someone invests in Ocala, he or she is investing in a flourishing community with a thriving economy.
  • Millennials, who are flocking to Ocala, rent far more often than they buy a home.
  • Affordable, quality rentals often receive 20-80 interested applicants the same day advertised.
  • It is still possible to obtain 1-2% returns on rental properties, due to strong, growing rents and well-priced inventory.
  • Ocala is the home of superb landlord-tenant attorneys, property managers, contractors and realtors. You can build a team here and feel good, knowing that your property is in good hands.
  • You can contact the best property management in Ocala, quickly and easily!

Contact Resolute Property Management online or call 352-414-5292 today.

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