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Financial Reporting

Whether you’re preparing for tax season or evaluating how well your investment is performing, Resolute’s financial reporting system enables better decision making.

Understanding how money flows through your investment property is critical to getting the most out of it — and, as a former CPA, nobody understands that better than Clay Lehman, Resolute Property Management’s founder and president. That’s why our teams operate with an accounting heartbeat and why our books will always balance.

Unrivaled expertise in property management and accounting

Many property managers come from real estate backgrounds, which helps them stay on top of their markets, but may leave something to be desired in terms of financial reporting. With over a decade of experience in the Ocala region and a foundation in accounting, Resolute is uncompromising in both arenas, which is exactly what successful investors demand of their property managers.

Because we understand the numbers so well, we’re able to provide consistent, detailed financial reporting that’s easy for home owners to understand and enables them to make well-informed decisions that can help maximize the return on their investments.

All the details, at your fingertips

Our monthly reporting is designed to answer every question you may have about how much your property is earning for you. Every time we make a payment to a homeowner, a statement is posted to their account detailing the amount of rent collected, fees withheld, repairs made and everything in between. Every figure is reflected in the statement, which is accessible in the homeowner’s portal along with all supporting documentation.

In addition, Resolute also provides you with all the data, such as 1099 forms, that your accountant will need to prepare your taxes.

Key performance indicators that help you make better decisions

Detailed, transparent statements and reports aren’t just important during tax season, they can also help you keep a close eye on how much is being spent to repair and maintain your property. That’s why we track key performance indicators, such as repair costs and the amount of maintenance tickets over a set period, on behalf of our homeowners. This allows us to anticipate future expenses and compare performance with the industry average to help you get a feel for how your investment is performing.

Our straightforward, meticulous financial reports allow you to closely monitor your properties, make the right decisions for the future of your investments and provide all the forms you need come tax season.

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