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Property management is a risky endeavor, and homeowners attempting to take on the burden by themselves are the most exposed.

Working with Resolute Property Management gives you access to the practices we’ve developed and fine-tuned through managing hundreds of properties, as well as peace of mind knowing that you have a partner in RPM who is considering your property as if it were their own.

Insured against uncertainty

Homeowner’s insurance is always a good thing to have, but when you’re offering your home as a rental property, getting the right coverage becomes an absolute necessity. In addition to insuring your investment, you have to inform your insurer that the property is being rented out — if you don’t, you’re likely to become ineligible for coverage when you need it the most.

To protect yourself and your investment, Resolute’s property management agreement requires a minimum of $300,000 of general liability coverage. We’ll also go the extra mile to confirm that your insurance provides sufficient protection by having Resolute added to your policy as an additional insured party. Not only will this cover your liabilities, it’ll also enable us, as your partner, to look out for your best interests and relieve you from any uncertainty as to whether your assets are protected.

Our homeowner-first lease

Generic lease agreements, such as the Florida Association of Realtors and the Florida Bar Association’s (FAR/BAR) free template, do provide homeowners with a basic level of protection, but such templates tend to favor tenants over homeowners.

For example, FAR/BAR’s lease does not address move-in inspections, and without specific provisions like those outlined in Resolute’s lease agreement, tenants could claim that property damage existed before they moved in. Our lease agreement also goes above and beyond to address special scenarios such as pet on-boarding, usage of pools and other amenities as well as prohibiting the premises from being used for commercial activity or other unlawful purposes. At RPM, our responsibility is to the property owner, and this is reflected in our policies, the way we train our staff, and especially our proprietary lease agreement.

10+ years of expertise, at your disposal

You don’t have to go through every law with a fine-tooth comb to protect yourself from liability and litigation. Our staff is trained on fair housing practices and our attorneys continuously assess our lease agreement for opportunities to provide you with more protection and to reflect the latest changes in homeowners rights.

With 10+ years of property management expertise, Resolute has a wider view of industry trends and a wealth of experience protecting homeowners from the unexpected. Our experience doesn’t just kick in when something goes amiss, it’s also reflected in our tenant placement services, streamlined property maintenance workflow, bi-annual property inspections and more.

Getting value out of your investment doesn’t have to mean exposing yourself to liability and litigation. Resolute’s staff, services and lease agreement can keep you compliant and stress-free.

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